Well, So let me set the scene.

1 am. A Desktop browser 20 tabs open. I’ve had very little sleep the last few nights, a new server to migrate 26 websites too and the annoying mosquito was flying overhead. I think these are just some of the key ingredients that led to the redesign rebranding of our new company.

As mentioned on our about page, which has a small timeline of the history of this website, Fyre Trine came around after some serious analysis is needed internally focused direction.

When I created Inteleqt, I registered the business under Inteleqt & Intuition Limited. We were viewed as a company that wanted to help anybody with everything. On many levels, that it’s a terrible business model to sustain. Especially in the beginning when there are only one or two employees. And most of the time, it was just me.

Inteleqt was the name that we decided on, and it formed the whole of the business name. Showing two sides to the Human Being. Our logic and our instincts. Almost like the left and right-hand side of the brain. Intellect with the logical thing to do, and intuition going with what felt instinctual.

Unbeknown to us, another company in South Africa had the same business name, with the same unique spelling that we have chosen. Also, this company had a bigger budget and more resources for their marketing the time. Although we won’t necessarily trying to rank for the term Inteleqt, It certainly didn’t help in trying to grow a brand when someone else at the same brand-name as you.

Thankfully we were still getting work on other search terms and keywords.

So we went with Cool Cabeza, but it never sat right with us. I decided to stay with it and see how it took to people. Although at the time of its decision, we were a company trying to stand from millions of competitors that we faced in the same industry. All of them following the same footsteps and doing the same things. With an exciting domain name, and all of the content on our site and images reflected that. It had a playful but human touch to the website. I think this is important because a lot of websites run by this generic content.

That said it is difficult to get the balance right between making sure the content that you’re using reflective pre-war, yet also keeping within the industry that you were working with and the things people like searching for online.

Even though we get this right with our clients, I think it’s safe to say that with our project, we missed the mark.

So back to this fateful evening of working late, migrating servers, too little sleep, no caffeine. And in a busy, tired misjudged moment, Call Cabeza was accidentally deleted. Now in normal circumstances, this could have been quickly resolved with a backup. But this happened around 1 am, And at that point, I think I just laughed, facepalmed myself and went to bed.

It was my fault for working with late and juggling too many things myself.

The next morning I didn’t do anything for the whole day but think. The hosting company did not do daily backups (despite us having a managed VPS server). Also looking on Wayback Machine, a lot of our website had not indexed. I made plans to switch hostings immediately. While this was going on, I went for a walk in the park.

Having been somewhat of an amateur astrologer that I started around the same time as my web design career, I had been aware of many things in my astral chart.. Even though with our business model and our industry, there are many different areas that you can specify or niche. The one thing that had always come naturally from me was creativity. In my birth chart, I have a fire trine. In my case, the planet represents Moon (Emotions), Saturn (Discipline and Reality), And Neptune (Beliefs and Dreams). Th also fell into my houses 4th (Family, Roots, Comfort) 8th (Other people’s money) and the 11th (Society)

Being creative had always come naturally, and web design is a tool that allows me to do that. I’m also a musician and an artist. I have always used that creativity as to focus on two areas. Teaching/ informing and creating things for others. So it seemed a natural fit to come back to the fire triangle that I’ve been naturally gifted with (there are millions of people that have grand trines.)

After consulting with the other people I work with, we decided on Fyre Trine. The original spelling of Fire Trine to be taken. With a lightning bolt of inspiration, replacing the letter, I with a Y hit me like a brick. A quick search and I saw the URL was available as was the Facebook URL. These two pieces were our only requirements

Regarding the design, A friend of mine had gone for the white, black and orange thing many years ago when he had his own business. I spent a few hours playing around with different hues of reds, oranges and yellows, before finding the orange I was happy with.

As for the choice of font, well, that is a tricky one. I guess you have to like what you’re looking at. I’d use this font on another project, I’d loved it, and it always stuck with me. I don’t have any hangups about using the same font on another logo.

Seeing as the world is full of logos that are all using Arial, Comic Sans, Helvetica or Garamond, I was happy with my decision.

I was pretty confident that I didn’t want to use the font on the website though. So I just found a complementary Serif and San Serif font I liked..

And there you have it, the redesign and social media accounts all done.

In April we will be launching the new series of services for our former and existing clients as well as incentives to get the new business over the next few months when we’re expecting things globally to be quite tight.