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How do you want to rank today?
Being seen now is the most important thing now for any business. Ranking for keywords that people would use to find you is now worth millions to companies all over the world.
Search Engine Optimisation is an internet minefield that needs to be navigated correctly. Doing it right means you will be found, be there to answer peoples queries, change prospective clients into clients and achieve your digital goals.

Do it wrong, and Google and your bank account will not let you forget it.

What we <strong><em>do!</em></strong>

SEO is a terms so large, it actually has a lot of smaller niches inside it’s umbrella that we work with to help get you to rank and be seen.  The majaroity of SEO can fall into 3 categories.

Onsite <strong><em>SEO</em></strong>

With Onsite or On-Page SEO, we’ll look at your website from the bottom up, and make sure we take care of the basics. Page Speed, HTML markup, Meta Data, H1’s to 6, URL structure all play a part in getting the necessary foundations laid down in place before tackling Offsite SEO.

Offsite <strong><em>SEO</em></strong>

Offsite SEO is less controlled than Onsite SEO, yet it makes up for about 80% of SEO that we do for our clients. This SEO refers to link building and backlinking, as well as blog posting, citations, website outreach, Pay Per Click Strategies (PPC) and more. Allow us to walk you through it.

Local <strong><em>SEO</em></strong>

If you’re a location-based business that needs to be found locally, then Local SEO is an area your company or organisation needs to address. We manage your listings in Google, Local Map Listings, Local citations listing and more to make sure clients find you, where you need to be seen.
Search Engine Optimisation that works
Using the following as well as additional services, we can get you to rank for the terms that people will use to look for you.

Organic Search

Keyword Strategy

Back Linking

Meta Data Optimisation

Onsite or On Page SEO

Onsite SEO... right

Our SEO strategies will improve your search ranking. We’ll provide a full SEO keyword analysis and a link building profile report.

  • Website Structure –  We make sure your website has the right structure to help you rank for more keywords than you intended.
  • Keyword Research – Most marketers, only use one tool to do their research, but we have five tools to help us narrow down the relevant keywords related to your business or industry
  • URL Structure – Without the right URL structure, it is ten times hard to get the same results as our SEO agency.
  • Page Titles – Setting the right page descriptions to tell Google, Bing, and Yahoo what your website is about.
  • Page Descriptions – If you tile cleaning page has a description of carpet cleaning instead of title cleaning do you think it will help you? 
  • Content Writing – We make sure the content of your website is reflective of who you are. We take a look at your current site and see if there is room for improvement. 
Is your site optimised?

SEO <em><strong>Audit</strong></em> Analysis

We’ll tell you where your website can be improved and take steps to see your site increase.

Offsite Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Primarily, we look to see if our clients have worked with any previous San Diego SEO company do any marketing on your website.

Some clients require our services after their last local SEO marketing campaign was causing more harm than good to their website. Sometimes a site might have some penalties or some terrible SEO. Our internet marketing team provides website recovery/negative marketing recovery by cleaning your website and bad spammy links

The first steps of making your website ready to start ranking in the SERP’s is on-site optimization.

Onsite optimization accounts for only about 25% of your rankings, but if not done right the other 75% of your SEO marketing plan will not show you any results.

Many SEO companies or guru’s overlook the importance of the on page adjustments needed for any campaign to be successful.

  • Google Map Verification – Getting your business listing claimed and fully optimized is the first step to off-site optimization.
  • Directory Submission/Directory Correction – Getting your business in nationally recognized indexes and also local directories
  • Social Media – Having the right social media accounts optimized will help your website
  • Video Creation – Depending on your business, having a video can help your business with exposure
  • Press Release – A press release can help your local business make a buzz through your community.
  • Link Building – Getting links from other websites is a reliable indicator in helping increase your rankings.

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Local SEO for your business!
Local search engine optimization is critical to a business’s success. By having a high ranking listing in Google and other major search engines for a primary keyword you can drastically increase the number of customers that come to your brick and mortar store.
Our local search engine optimization package will get you on the map. Be highly visible in your local area and gain that first impression trust with your community and prospects by earning the top ranks in local listings.​
This easy and efficient service leaves you with a Google + page that ranks high on the first page for one of your keywords. Most of all, local SEO is different than regular SEO services. A local SEO Process will include:

  • Create Google Places Listing
  • Optimize Listing
  • Verify Listing
  • Build Citations and Links

So, call us today to get started with a local SEO campaign. Local SEO is one of the most effective and easy ways to drive customers to your store. As a local SEO company in San Diego, Fyre Trine will take the guesswork out of this intricate process. You can count on us.

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