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Problem: A former client who had returned after a bad experience with another agency. The site was not getting traffic, unusable design and terrible usability.

Solution: We made the design more up to date. Fixed a lot of the nonfunctioning elements on the website and integrated new data capture features for obtaining and keeping new clients and visitors.

The End Result

A new website, with a faster loading time, a fresh new design and improved experiences on the website.

New Design

A new design had been applied throughout the entire website. Engaging page templates, and updated functionality.

Engaging Content

New content was created throughout the website, that had been optimised for keywords related to their niche.

Yes, I was happy with returning to Fyre Trine. Leaving was not our best business decision, but since being back with Fyre Trine, things have been happening with our business, whereas with the other company, things felt very stationary. Our new design is great, the website works and functions perfectly.

Maria O'Connor

CEO, Angelicare

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