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Here are some questions to ask!

<strong>01</strong> How long does it take to do a website?
That depends on many factors. A one-page landing page will take less time than a website with 20 pages. For most small businesses and startups, we normally look to have the website designed, branding, developed and built, with onsite optimisation, within 1 month. However, this is dependent on many factors.
<strong>02</strong> Do you offer cheap web design options?
Most of our packages now start around $2600 and go up depending on the amount of work involved.

We only have 1 package for those on a smaller budget, but we are open to listening to our clients and working with them with what they have.

<strong>03</strong> Can you get me onto page 1 on Google?
Yes. This is possible. We would have to look at what your online marketing plan is and look to help you in areas that are appropriate for your business.
<strong>04</strong> What do you do with Social Media?
We have a series of options that we offer regarding company social media accounts and running marketing campaigns for those accounts.

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