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About Us

Our History

This is a very short history of who we are (it’s actually you that is more important). We’ve been doing this for many years, we travel a lot and have changed our name 4 times. Therefore, we know a bit about creation and action.

26 JUN 2009

We have <span class="blk-txt">begun</span>

Founder Terry purchased webdesign-sandiego.com, whilst living in San Diego. We had 3 years before selling the URL and redesigning the brand.

18 AUG 2013

The brand was <span class="blk-txt">born</span>

We registered legally as Inteleqt & Intuition Ltd in the UK and we used the website Inteleqt.com. Unfortunately, there was a larger company in South Africa with the same name, spelt EXACTLY the same.

06 JAN 2017

A fun <span class="blk-txt">year</span>

We rebranded and went with Cool Cabeza using coolcabeza.com. The feedback was that the domain was a bit ‘playful’ and ‘off-putting’. We sat down together and looked at our core values.

15 FEB 2018

Our true self and identity was <span class="blk-txt">born</em></span>

Focusing on our natural core skills of creativity, added with another unique name spelling, Fyre Trine was born (pronounced Fire Trine)


What is a Fire Trine?

A trine is an astrological triangle that is formed when 3 aspected planets or astral bodies are each within 120° of each other on an astral chart. As a result, when connected together, they form an ‘invisible’ triangle.

In the instance when the trine is formed in the fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, that would be known as a Fire Trine. ‘It is said‘ there is a natural gift with all trines, regardless of the element is is formed in.  Fire primarily represents creation, artistry and action.

If you are interested, there is more information on fire trines here.

Our Values

To do really good work for people. There are too many charlatans in this industry, hence offer no value to their customers and left the internet a little worse off than it was. As a result, we decided to do somerhing about it.

Our Philosophy

We work remotely. We had offices, fax machines and all that, but we have been more effective has a team when working where we are most comfortable. Therefore, our team now work around the world.

Our Mission

To make peoples ideas and desires manifest into reality in a way that serves their business needs, the needs of the customers and yet is using up to date techniques. Most of all, utilising tecnhology to do so.



CEO & Founder

About us

Hi, I am <span class="blk-txt">Terry</span>.

Born in the UK, I earned my way to this point learning and consuming all I could about design and web design. I figured it was the only ‘real‘ career I could have with my Art & Design qualifications. I started the first incarnation of this company and website whilst I was living in Ocean Beach, San Diego back in 2009.

Although I still return there often, as a company, we decided to make our business a cloud-based remote operation in 2015. Therefore, even though we still have we our listed offices, all of Fyre Trine employees work all over the world.

I am currently in Mexico

Meet the rest of our awesome team

Our worldly team working all over the world to help you get to where you need to be.

Caroline Grambo

Caroline Grambo

Content & SEO

Taras Yasinsky

Taras Yasinsky

Developement & Systems

Jahangir Hossain

Jahangir Hossain

Development & Processes

Joe Pierce

Joe Pierce

Design & Development

Rob Knott

Rob Knott

SEO, SEM & Content

So now you know us, <span class="wte-txt">tell us about you</span>

Tell us why you are here and how we can help with your project.

Fyre Trine

We take peoples ideas. We bring them into reality. We help them avoid all the mistake we made. We advise. We Guide. We Deliver.

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